Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing techniques. Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. An important part of general health care and stress relief for many people living in today's stressful world.

Massage helps to cleanse your body of waste products that can cause fatigue and soreness, promoting restful sleep. Many people find that it helps with accomplishing a full night's rest. Massage therapy helps the body and mind relax, and it's a great way to end a hectic day.

Massage therapy releases your natural endorphins that reduce pain and give feel-good factor. Is a great way to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and so lowering the pulse, slowing breathing and, in general, chilling you out. By assisting in breaking down of scar tissue adhesions and improved blood circulation, therapy speeds up the elimination of waste products which in effect promotes healing.

As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, such as low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more. And, as many millions already experienced, massage also helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living that can lead to disease and illness.

You can discuss your requirements with the practioner, so that the session can be tailored to your particular needs

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